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Welcome to EYEPHORIA Iris Photography

My name is Serge Shakuto, and it is my pleasure to introduce you to our studio, which my family and I founded together in 2022.

Over more than 20 years as a professional photographer, I have traveled across the globe to capture the most technically challenging sports scenes in the sky, on land, in water, and even beneath the waves. Serving as an ambassador for leading photography equipment manufacturers and collaborating with renowned brands such as Red Bull and National Geographic, I have not only documented breathtaking moments but also delved into aspects that often evade notice.

To me, photography transcends mere profession; it is a genuine art form that allows for the realization of unique and profound ideas. Eye photography, in particular, unveils a marvelous world of mystery and beauty before us. I have devoted myself to immortalizing your irises in a manner that transforms each snapshot into a distinctive masterpiece.

Today, I invite you to partake in this enthralling process where each picture represents a new revelation, and each print embodies true artistry.

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